Cure Diabetes In Thirty days

Diabetes is a disease of epidemic proportions to the extent that an average of one in five people has the disease and most people know others who are diabetic if they’re not diabetic themselves. This is why I wrote Cure Diabetes In Thirty days

It’s one of the main economic support systems for the medical industry who have no interest in finding a cure.

American Demographics reveal that in 1995 in the US, more than 40% of all deaths were caused by diabetes.

At the start of the twentieth century, diabetes was quite rare and doctors were often surprised when presented with such a case. Diabetes is responsible for restricting the population growth within the developed countries.

One in five people now have diabetes. That’s around 20% of the population that are somewhat incapacitated and at least one person in each family is likely to be fighting this terrible disease. More than 10% of the population are fully dependent on tablets and/or insulin, regularly have blood tests and must see more than one medical specialist because of this crippling disease.

Very few people in America aren’t affected either directly or indirectly by this insidious disease which has been called Adult Onset Diabetes since the 1950’s.

Insulin- Resistant Diabetes, Insulin Resistant Hyperinsulinemia or Hyperinsulinemia are names that people also use for this disease which the medical community knows by its vast number of symptoms.

Such symptoms include: heart disease, stroke, obesity, retinopathy, neuropathy, vascular disease, kidney failure, impotence, atherosclerosis, liver damage, high blood pressure, gangrene, depression, anxiety, stress, nerve damage and so the list goes on and on.

Because diabetes has so many different life-threatening symptoms, in 1949 the medical disease classification system was forced to undergo extensive reorganization. During that year, many of the symptoms were defined and added into the list of independent medical specialty diseases that have been ravaging America for more than 40 years.